The top 10 best-written blogs

Among all the garbage in the blogosphere are gems like these

3. Rough Type

Easily one of the best-written blogs on the Web, Rough Type is the personal journal of author Nicholas Carr, who has written about Web 2.0, cloud computing and about how Google might be making us think less and search for every answer online.

Most posts reference his magazine articles and books, but they are thoughtful and insightful on their own as well. "People get bored pretty quickly with sloppy writing and sloppy thinking, and that's true whether you're publishing online or in print," Carr told me by e-mail and, as always, he makes a good point.

4. GeekDad

Stringing together a sentence with a strong noun and verb combination might not seem all that difficult, but many bloggers write like they are on the school bus using a crayon.

GeekDad assumes you actually want to read more than 50 words and is not afraid to post long explanations about how to build a tepee in your backyard or discussions about a new prototyping show on the Discovery Channel or video games as art.

Ken Denmead, the GeekDad editor, explained why good blog writing is important.

"Well written is always important, articulate depends upon your audience," he said in an e-mail. "Blogs, by their nature, are meant to be conversations between the writers and the readers. The writer has to both draw an audience in with their voice, and adapt their voice to the audience. That's a function of being a good writer, and figuring how to write what you write well. Being articulate is less important because you don't always need big words to be understood. But an attention to grammar and punctuation will always lend you more credibility. If the average reader can't make fun of your typos and misspellings, they're going to be far less likely to dismiss what you're saying as well."

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