The top 10 best-written blogs

Among all the garbage in the blogosphere are gems like these

8. Bits

Gee, you mean The New York Times has a well-written blog? Yes, and most importantly it's not just a re-hash of the main feature articles online.

Even when the site is just reviewing a new HDTV, it calls out the most important feature and avoids a simple list of specs or techie comparisons. Posts about tech companies like this one on Sun -- always seem to engage you with the facts.

9. Download Squad

Here's an interesting site that you might not think of as a portal for good writing, Download Squad covers new software and Web 2.0 sites. It's compelling because the summaries get right to the point and whet your appetite for the program they are discussing. Lead blogger Grant Robertson explained why the site chooses to focus on these summaries instead of simple links and screens.

"If you have super-secret undiscovered Apple patents or information no one else has access to, you can pretty much write 'ZOMG! PAtents!!!!11!' and people will still come running," said Robertson in an e-mail. "If you're looking for an audience that comes back day after day, being well written and articulate is crucially important. Download Squad has an editorial style guide we wrote for use internally and, we're really proud of the work we put into quality. Being first doesn't matter as much as being salient, interesting and readable."

10. Publishing 2

Posts have been less frequent lately, but Publishing 2 is usually a thoughtful exercise in comparing print media to the Web and journalism in general, such as this Oct. 13. blog about "link journalism."

Most posts -- like one about how magazines don't understand the Web, and its predecessor about what newspapers don't get about the Web -- are as well researched and written as what you would read, well, in a magazine or newspaper.

John Brandon is a freelance writer, book author and blogger who worked as an IT manager for 10 years.

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