Does Social Networking Require User Policy Changes?

Some IT security experts say it's time to build new rules into computer use policies to address increasing use of such social networks as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. But others say such changes could go too far.

"I think how you use it is more important than when, though I can imagine there are folks who may need structure. The how: Making the distinction clear as to when you are speaking for yourself or on behalf of your employer is a most important nuance. And of course, you get to own your words (forever), as they will come back to visit you downstream, in any number of contexts." Christopher Burgess, senior security advisor, Cisco Systems, Seattle area

"The crew at the DataPortability Project - Share and remix data using open standards]] are working on universal EULA and TOS language for portable data, so perhaps pinging them might help. In my opinion, social networks are a valuable component of the working world today. I agree that they're too new to be fully understood (and secure), but it's hard to ignore them until they are. I see engagement along the lines you're exploring as being a significant part of the dialog." Trent Adams, outreach specialist at Internet Society, officer at, Boston area

"How are the problems it poses significantly different from Web forums or even BBSes before them? It seems like it's the same as any public forum -- know your company's IP policies and know how far you can trust a person is who they say they are." Chuck Meyer, independent Web app security specialist, New York area

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