AusCERT 2010: Hackers, lockpickers and cops

Conference kicks off next week

AusCERT is winding up and most of the vendors, delegates and journalists have gone. It was an enlightening experience. We've chewed the fat with security thinkers, cops and hackers, and picked a few locks and brains.

The conference is growing and, according to organisers, it will include more hacking and cracking lessons in the future. We covered a remarkable lock-picking class this year in which a penetration tester taught cricumvention methods to many locks we would percieve to be secure.

Here is a wrap up of Computerword Australia's coverage of the event.

There's more to come, so stay tuned to our AusCERT 2010 section.

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AusCERT 2010: Hackers, lockpickers and cops

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