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From discussions on the fusion of IT and beer to Telstra's T-Box launch

Every week, Computerworld collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news both in the forums and in the comments. This week, here's what you had to say about:

Telstra’s launch of the T-Box

“What is the point of all these devices with internet TV capabilities when we still live in a country that has data limits, it’s practically pointless until we catch up with the rest of the world.” – said Jarrod on Telstra to launch T-Box.

“I agree. Video feed over the internet eats up data allowance like it is going out of style and large data allowance plans are usually out of the price range of the average user. So I can't see any device that relies on video feed for its revenue being taken up in large numbers until large data allowance limits become affordable and within reach of the pocket of the average user.” – said AlanG on Telstra to launch T-Box.

“The IP TV provided through Bigpond by the T-Box does not count towards your data allowance.” – said Lionel on Telstra to launch T-Box.

“I know of 2 other ISp,s offhand (not counting Telstra) about to start IP tv and all clearly state it does NOT count towards your usage.....In fact that info is on the front page of both ISP’s home pages.” – said D Newman on Telstra to launch T-Box.

iSoft revising its revenues

“I was a long-term holder in this company for many years and sold out earlier this year - I followed the ins and outs of the Isoft/IBA merger/takeover, with all its twists and turns. I do admire the CEO but he is working in an environment at the moment that could at best be called brutal. When the dust settles, this company will either rise to the heights it deserves or get taken over. “ – said Evan Grambas on iSoft revises down fiscal 2010 results

The fusion of IT and beer

“Australia are not some of the most prolific drinkers anymore. The Czech Republic are 161 litres per person/annum, Ireland a country of only 3 million are at 129 litres per person/annum. UK is 6th with 94litres & Belgium 7th with 90 litres. Australia is back to 81 litres per person/annum. Sluggish!”- said Bierfesten on IT and beer: A love story.

“One would expect in order to thoroughly investigate this article, and in applying journalistic rigor, you fully tested the brew for yourself, to ensure that the story met appropriate levels of journalism standards. For correctness and accuracy, I'd hope as a concerned reader you'd have consumed, at a bare miniumum, two or three cartons of Coopers' finest. To do otherwise would surely be an insult to journalism.” – said Craig Chapman on IT and beer: A love story.

Centrelink’s possible switch from Sametime to Exchange

"’It is believed that the department may be looking to Microsoft's Office Communications Server as an alternative’ - we looked at that but went with Openfire server with Pandion - great software, reliable, single sign on and best of all free.” – said Steevo on Centrelink looks to Microsoft for email, collaboration.

“Having used sametime previously, and now using communicator, I think they will be very disappointed when they switch, as I was.” – said John on Centrelink looks to Microsoft for email, collaboration.

The implementation of speed limiting technology

“The research may well suggest altered driver behaviour, but these measures will never be implemented for the simple political reason that the states have gotten used to the vast amounts of revenue generated by the speeding fines. If these new measures are as effective as the research suggests it would leave their budgets well short. Therefore they are not going to support anything which ACTUALLY slows drivers down - they want and need people to keep breaking speed limits just as long as there isn't too much ACTUAL carnage on the roads since this would suggest failure on their part. "ACTUAL" as opposed to the ILLUSION of wholesale speed-caused carnage the police and government is artificially maintaining (with the complicity of a sensationalist media for their own commercial gain) in order to justify the deployment of more and more speed camera (TRAPS is a better description in many cases) and the deployment of more traffic and highway patrols who are effectively nothing more than cashiers with guns and fast cars, rather than contributors to the public good).” – said RG on NRMA gets behind speed-limiting technology.

The computers in schools program

“Well, at least Labor has a policy in this area - even if it's not 'perfect'. The Liberals/Nationals want to scrap it completely. Unbelievable! Unaccepatable!!” – said Daniel on Computers in Schools program "on track": Gillard.

“I'd like Julia Gillard/Kevin Rudd to COMMIT to rolling over their computer program beyond 2011. Why haven't they said they'd do that? GFC? Deficit? Debt?” – said SH on Computers in Schools program "on track": Gillard.

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