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Ongoing issues including the NBN and the Government's mandatory ISP-filter are keeping everyone fired up

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Here’s what you had to say about the Government’s proposed mandatory ISP-filter:

“With such a large number of industry players, not to mention the general public, against the implementation of the mandatory filter, and with Conjob's refusal to engage us ... we are only left with the fact that he has a personal vision which he will force on us, however flawed it may be.

It's simple Conroy: back out of your corner, say sorry and talk to us. Everyone understands the message, we just don't agree with your method. You should remember that you are an elected official, and you serve us, not your own personal ambitions. We vote with our feet”. – said Wishful thinking on <i>Conroy yet to meet Google-backed anti-ISP filter group</i>

“Filter my internet! And adopting a stalinist stance to consultation I didn’t realise the labour party were taking things this far! I know where my vote is going next election never been a political animal but I think NO! I know I will do some letterboxing over this issue.” – said Roger Taylor on <i>Conroy yet to meet Google-backed anti-ISP filter group</i>

“When asked why he met with the head of the Australian Christian Lobby regarding the filter shortly prior to the release of the Enex report, Conroy replied that their was nothing unusual and they met because the ACL is a stakeholder in the policy. Jim Wallace has spoken of meeting with the Minister more than once on this.

A group of fringe dwelling fundamentalists who are despised by many Christians are stakeholders, yet some of the industry players appear not to be. Something doesn't add up.” – said neilmc on <i>Conroy yet to meet Google-backed anti-ISP filter group</i>

“And lo, the Lord spaketh unto Conroy saying "The Internet is the work of the Devil. Go forth and hinder access to its sinful pages so that the people of your land are not corrupted by the evil of its pages". – said Julie Thompson on <i>Conroy yet to meet Google-backed anti-ISP filter group</i>

Here’s what you had to say about the NBN:

“Having checked out most of the current prices of Fibre in Tasmania, I won't be bothering , unless prices drop and download limits increase, instead of being one of the first to sign up in the trial area here in Armidale, I think I will be one of the last if ever. I will be sticking with my adsl 2 plan.” – said Stevo on <i>Internode last off the mark with NBN Tasmania pricing</i>

“Maybe someone will need to explain to Conroy what Voip is. He seems to be having problems understanding the ins and outs of the internet.” – said Grahame on <i>VoIP to play lead role under NBN</i>

“I wouldn't really say Voip is the mjaor concern of the NBN. While its a "disadvangage", its not like you can't call emercency serviices over Voip... depends on the Voip provider.. This is not the problem. The problem is that since it by passes exchange emgency services eg. police, fire... are unable to locale you, there by that responsibility is left up to the injured.

I would call it more of a hassle of HAVING to give out your contact details, while by other means (PSTN), this would not be a problem. Hardly a disadvantage, you just need to tell them. But like any Voip srevice, thats why they say have a backup... again, even a mobile... whats the disadvantage of that?” – said Jared on <i>VoIP to play lead role under NBN</i>

“I think Skype is better value than VOIP. As far as Emergency 000 calls go you could end up dead if you get a computer virus when Murphy's Law strikes and the mobile network is down at the same time.”­ Said Noel Peters on <i>VoIP to play lead role under NBN</i>

“It is a disgrace not that Opel was cancelled but that no replacement has been forthcoming. All we have seen and heard is fibre, fibre, fibre..

Now there is a whisper of satellite, but anyone who has used satellite in Australia will know it is a failure...A lot of people I know switched from satellite to a 3G service and found the 3G service to be far superior.... That is saying something as 3G services are very woeful compared to DSL... How do I know this? I subscribe to two separate 3G networks... Performance is excellent at times and very poor in the evenings..

It is yet to be seen what the 7 or 10 or 12 or 3 or whatever the final figure is, what these taxpayers will get.. I have resigned to the fact that we will get very little but it will cost the taxpayer a lot. The solution should simply be to replace ALL copper lines with fibre. We managed to install copper lines before, why is it so hard to lay fibre?

The cost is insignificant in the grand scheme of things.. For example, just to run the government costs around $80 billion a year, yet the NBN is $43 billion over eight or ten years.. When you look at it like that you realise what an insignificant sum the NBN cost really is.. Just a pity the track record of the current government actually being able to spend money efficiently is not good.” – said Frank on <i>NBN needs more focus on wireless and satellite: Coutts</i>NBN needs more focus on wireless and satellite: Coutts

“I'm amazed people still listen to Coutts. He mentions Wildblue but forgets to mention their max satellite speeds of 1.5Mbps in America compared to Australia at 4Mbps. In Europe, speeds don't get much above 2Mbps for satellite consumers.

The only people damaging the satellite brand are those that got greedy with the ABG or those with other tech interests. People like Coutts don't do it any favours when he invents market facts.” – said Jim on <i>NBN needs more focus on wireless and satellite: Coutts</i>NBN needs more focus on wireless and satellite: Coutts

Here’s what you had to say about the investigation of Google’s data collection:

“I trust google more than Conjob or Rudd.” – said Whoaml on <i> Authorities investigating Google data collection</i>

“Conboy is making an issue of this because it fits his ego-driven power trip to impose secret State censorship. First you tell lies about the need for censorship, then you tell lies about what Google has done, and then you tell lies about how the State will save everybody from the horrors of the Internet thingy.” – said gnome on <i> Authorities investigating Google data collection</i>

Here’s what you had to say about the ACCC taking Optus to court:

“We came from UK recently where we had actual unlimited broadband at home and when we approached an optus agent for a similar service we were sold "unlimited" broadband which turned up to be 30gigs.Can optus hold us to terms of contract?” – said Washington on <i>ACCC takes Optus to court</i>

“Perhaps the advertising people (and those paying the bills at Optus) need to be reminded what that "dictionary" thing is. In mine, "unlimited" actually means "has no limit" - yet the Optus ads were very clear that there were, in fact limits for a service marketed as "unlimited". Go get 'em, ACCC!” – said James on <i>ACCC takes Optus to court</i>

“Good Job ACCC, I too am against these telco giants using the term unlimited, people must realize Australia has no fast unlimited broadband, we are the last country on earth to ever have such privileged.” – said Carl on <i>ACCC takes Optus to court</i>

“And not before time. I too work overseas, but am returning in 2 weeks, and have been looking for a comparable package to what I have overseas. My UNLIMITED is unlimited - no peak /off peak hours, no shaping, no excess charges - and all for A$22/month. There is clearly no competition in Australia and that is what the ACCC should also be looking at. Talk about collusion between the companies.” – said CraigS on <i>ACCC takes Optus to court</i>

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