Twitter prepares for World Cup mania

New site will manage and filter the best World Cup tweets and coverage

Twitter is the newest company to contract World Cup fever, launching a new site specifically to cater to the event that expected to cause mass insomnia the world over.

The site uses live widgets, real-time search and a 'top tweets' tool which selects and retweets the more interesting comments from the World Cup.

Users can also tweet within specific match pages and the company claims the site will also provide the opportunity to connect with players and teams while following the competition.

In a recent blog post the company suggested that managing World Cup-related tweets could be a major challenge.

“It is, in fact, the biggest deal: the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world. In 2006, 700 million people watched the final match,” the blog post reads. “So it’s not surprising to suggest that the World Cup will be big on Twitter.”

Citing last year’s Super Bowl as an example, the company claimed that at peak moments, nearly half of all tweets created were about the game.

“Where the Super Bowl is U.S.-centric, the World Cup is global. Then, mix in mobile use: people are going to be tweeting from bars, from movie theaters, and from stadiums in South Africa,” the post reads. “Lots of people are going to be tweeting from their desks at work — but lots are also going to be tweeting from places in the world where phones, not PCs, are the primary internet connection.”

The post also suggest that Twitter is increasingly moving toward services which filter tweets into useful information for users.

“Precisely because the conversation is going to be so torrential, there’s an opportunity to offer filtered and curated views," the post reads. "This could be an attempt to serve up the best of the best, it could be language – or country-specific, it could be a truly global view of the World Cup.”

Twitter joins Yahoo! in its World Cup frenzy, who recently announced that it has signed David Beckham to be its official World Cup Ambassador.

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