What are you saying: Labor and NBN victory

From Katter siding with the Coalition to Labor winning over the remaining independents - what you've been saying this week about the state IT in Australia

Every week, Computerworld Australia collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments.

Here’s what you had to say on: Labor getting into government and the NBN going ahead

“The title is correct, do it right the first time.

Unlike wireless, FTTH communications cannot be _easily_ intercepted or disrupted or maliciously blocked. And whilst both are a shared resource, the much greater speed and much wider spectrum of fibre means everyone can expect very high speeds whereas congestion on wireless would result in it being quite slow in practice (3G proves this). And critically, unlike wireless, fibre has extremely low latency which is vital for delivery of quality realtime functionality.

I don't care who governs, but doing it _right_ means fibre to the home.” – said Tom Goode on Updated: “You do it once, you do it right, you do it fibre” - NBN survives

Here’s what you had to say on: The Alliance for Affordable Broadband’s hopes for NBN changes

“Please stop publishing the self-promoting dribble coming out of this coalition of telco executives. "Oh we didn't win a whole lot of government contracts so we want the plans changed." It's not just a mechanism to provide handouts to the telco sector - the NBN is meant to be building our nation towards something we want, and it's being done the right way, with fibre. All these wireless company and backhaul company CEO's should shut up. Or, if they genuinely believe they have a case for a competitive and commercially viable network that's far different to the NBN - build the bloody thing and stop asking for my tax money to do it with. We voted for the NBN, not the undue influence of Bevan Slattery and his ilk.” – said Sterling Johnson on Alliance of Affordable Broadband hopeful on NBN changes

Here’s what you had to say on: The iiNet “unlimited” data fallout

“I reckon all iiNet would need to do to get those users to stop complaining is to suggest handing over their download records to the police or AFACT. What do you reckon they're downloading to need all that bandwidth? You couldn't conceivably need all that for normal (legal) browsing.” – said Graeme on iiNet deals with unlimited fallout

Here’s what you had to say on: Katter backing the Coalition

“What a turd!

He's been going on about how terrible the coaltion was for his electorate when it was in power, and also about how beneficial many of the major labor party polices would be (NBN, Energy corridor, health etc etc).

Now he goes and support Abbott!

That just confirms what I already thought - this Katter really is a mad as a hatter!” – said on Katter backs NBN, but goes with Coalition

Here’s what you had to say on: The ICT industry reaction to Labor win and NBN go-ahead

“Australia owes its thanks to the independents, but also to the ICT profession and industry, for identifying and appreciating the importance of ICT infrastructure to our economic future, and selecting Australias next Government accordingly. The Liberals had plenty of opportunity to embrace the future, but simply failed to rise to the level some might have expected of them.

ICT policy will never again be forgorren in deciding our country's future.” – said Ian Dennis on ICT industry reacts to Labor win and NBN

Here’s what you had to say on: Gillard’s acknowledgement of Labor victory

“Of course city dwellers will subsidise those in regional areas, this is hardly new in this field. It's been that case with telephone lines for a long time. If we didn't have that model, established by government, and just left it to the free market economists, then many in regional areas wouldn't even have a phone line today that was affordable.” – said Simon on Gillard acknowledges NBN victory

Here’s what you had to say on: The NBN becoming Labor’s calling card

“It is astonishing how easily the independents accept the back-of-the-envelope costing of the NBN and pretend to be aghast at the Coalition's costing of its electoral promises. You believe in what you want to believe in, obviously.” – said Greg on NBN becomes lynchpin in Labor win

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