Open source identity: FreeNAS 8's Josh Paetzel

We talk to FreeNAS 8 project manager Josh Paetzel about the open source operating system's future

FreeNAS 8 uses a Django-driven GUI.

FreeNAS 8 uses a Django-driven GUI.

Finally, what's your background as a developer? How did you first get involved with open source software and the FreeNAS project?

Generally, with UNIX types, there are two types of people. Programmers who can do some system administration, and system administrators who can do some programming. I'm definitely in the latter camp. It helps that I've worked with some fantastic developers over the years. I'd like to say that rubs off, and perhaps it has, but it's definitely left me feeling a bit humbled as well.

I've had the opportunity to work with people like Warner Losh, Xin Li, and Clark Evans, all of whom are far more skilled programmers that I'll ever hope to be.

As far as my involvement with open source, I worked for an ISP in the early '90s that ran a mixture of IRIX and BSD/OS systems. We kept a close eye on FreeBSD, and in 1995 initiated a project to replace our BSD/OS systems with FreeBSD.

Along the way I became fairly involved with the FreeBSD project and never left it. That involvement led me to working with the PC-BSD project, which when it got picked up by iXsystems turned into some random consulting for iXsystems, and eventually was parlayed into a full-time job. iXsystems took on a FreeNAS rewrite, which ended up on my plate, and here we are today.

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