NSW govt releases draft ICT plan

Greater role for senior government officials to oversee the use of ICT in the state

The NSW government has released its draft ICT Strategic Framework, which proposes a four-pronged approach to maximising the technology-related service delivery, productivity and investment.

According to the draft framework (PDF), a major change to the state’s approach to IT will be in plugging IT leadership directly into department heads and ministers.

“The new approach is led by the most senior levels of government to ensure the mandate and authority to affect change,” the draft reads. “The NSW government has established a new ICT Board, of Directors General of key Departments, to drive and be accountable for a whole of government approach to ICT.”

The draft also calls for closer engagement with the ICT industry and research to ensure that emerging technologies and opportunities are aligned with government service priorities. To help achieve this the government has created an ICT Advisory Panel to tap into expert independent industry knowledge.

The plan also calls for a whole of government focus on improving government ICT capabilities, with a view to lift service delivery standards, as well as a portfolio management approach to ICT.

“[The approach] in New South Wales will reduce duplication, improve the productivity of government operations, and ensure efficient and effective investment in ICT,” the draft reads.

“Improving the efficiency of the NSW government’s investment in ICT will allow for savings to be reinvested in improved services across government.”

Detailing service capabilities the draft suggests better information sharing -- a secure manner to protect privacy and commercial confidentiality -- will improve decision making, maximise the value of government information assets.

Facilitating, community and industry collaboration, being able to access multiple government services from a single point, a move to real-time financial and organisational performance data for agencies, as well as more mobile workers will also be focuses.

“Citizens and businesses expect convenient and real-time services anywhere and anytime, including via mobile devices,” the draft reads. “Providing convenient and secure two-way communication to support public sector workers in the field can free them from desk duties, reduce overheads, and increase the effectiveness of front line services.”

To enable the above the draft also calls for the development of consistent, whole of government standards, frameworks and methods to improve interoperability, support better information sharing as well as better approaches to ICT sourcing.

The NSW draft plan follows the release earlier this month by the Victorian government of its new ICT plan to help drive productivity in the state through the greater use of ICT and the support of IT companies. “Under the plan, the government will ensure that technology businesses operate under the best possible conditions for their growth and development, while also promoting opportunities for technology-enabled innovation across the Victorian economy,” the Victorian plan reads.

“At the same time, the government will support convergence between the technologies where appropriate to deliver significant improvements in areas such as healthcare and agriculture, as well as contribute to the development of solutions to major challenges facing Victoria and Australia.”

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