Symantec warns Web surfers

Symantec has warned users to have a complete security solution at the gateway to avoid widespread malicious assaults such as Code Red and Nimda.

The warning was issued after reports that users were infected not only through e-mail usage but every-day Web surfing.

Symantec Australia managing director John Donovan said corporate networks are being compromised more frequently as a result of threats encountered during Web surfing.

"Hypothetically, if users visit even one infected Web site, their systems can become infected and can then propagate the virus to unsuspecting friends and co-workers within minutes," he said.

"To secure corporate networks and consumer systems, users should implement a scalable security solution to protect FTP and HTTP protocol traffic at the gateway."

While past viruses such as the IloveYou bug and Melissa primarily attacked mail servers, W32.Nimda.A@mm propagates through both e-mail and Web surfing activities as well as through network shares.

A scalable, multiprotocol gateway solution for mail and Web traffic is able to stop threats like W32.Nimda.A@mm before they invade the network.

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