Cisco exams test real-world skills

A few months ago, we discussed the importance of hands-on learning. We also talked about why exams should focus more on real-world applications. Well, maybe, just maybe Cisco was listening.

As of March 12, the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam will feature a simulation section. The test, now called CCNA 640-607, includes multiple choice single answer, multiple-choice multiple answer, drag and drop, fill in the blank and router simulations, according to Cisco.

Cisco warns test takers on its site, "Prior to taking the exam, candidates should become familiar with how all exam types function-especially the exam simulation tool. Such practice will allow candidates to focus their exam-taking effort on the exam questions rather than how to correctly use the tools."

In the simulation demo tool, you are asked to change the host name on "Lab_A" to "Router_A." You should check out how that would work to get familiar with what you'll be seeing when you take the exam.

Check out the simulation tool at also announced its new Cisco Content Networking Specialist certification. As of March 26, network professionals can learn how to deploy Web-based e-business technologies. The certification focuses on content delivery, content distribution, content management, content switching and content routing.

To take the exam, you need to have Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) or Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (CCIP) certification. There are five segments to the certification:

* Building Cisco Content Networking Solutions.

* Content Services Switch 11000 Series Operation and Configuration.

* Enterprise Content Delivery Networking Operation and Configuration.

* Content Engine Caching Operation and Configuration.

There are two exams required to receive your certification:

* Building Cisco Content Networking Solutions Exam (CN 640-925).

* Cisco Content Networking Specialist v1.1 Exam (9E0-600).

To find out more about this new certification go to:

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