NSW Police roll out body cameras

Camera can live stream video feeds, collect evidence

NSW Police will be using body cameras designed by Fujitsu and m-View Live Video to collect evidence and send live stream feeds back to base.

The body-worn video (BWV) cameras do not record all the time but are activated by officers for use in policing activities.

The cameras will support police with statement and brief preparation, prosecutions and complaint investigations.

The product includes biometric authentication courtesy of a PalmSecure palm vein reader.

According to NSW Police, this will make it easy for officers to check in their equipment at the end of each shift and assure that evidence gathered is aligned to the correct camera.

BWV project sponsor, acting assistant commissioner Steve Cullen, said BWV cameras will be worn on the uniform in an overt manner, and where practical, officers will advise they are recording.

“While the cameras will be constantly viewing the officer’s point-of-view, the officer must initiate recording to actually capture footage in the memory of the camera,” he said.

“There will be a 30-second back capture of vision only, which can allow for the visual recording of an important piece of evidence.”

NSW Police completed a trial of BWV technology in 2013 and 2014.

In May 2014, the NSW government announced $4 million toward the rollout and made an amendment to legislation allowing police to record in public places and people’s homes in the lawful execution of their duties.

In June, the NSW police force was allocated $100 million over four years in the NSW Budget 2015-16 to roll out new technology including fingerprint scanners and body worn video cameras.

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