​CSIRO robot to test electrochemicals

Robot can carry out repetitive tasks 10 times faster than humans says CSIRO

A robot dubbed FASTER ,which can screen and evaluate electrochemicals, has been unveiled by CISRO today.

According to the organisation, the robot can carry out repetitive experiments 10 times faster than humans.

It uses a robotic sensing platform and a computer controlled liquid delivery system.This allows the robot to automate testing tasks, carrying out up to 80 experiments without human intervention.

CSIRO research director Doctor Ivan Cole said that electrochemical testing and validation of new materials can be “extremely repetitive and time consuming” for businesses.

“Having to do these tests manually takes up a lot of time for scientists and technical staff and significantly slows down the research and development phase for new materials,” he said.

Using a robot will free up employees to focus on tasks that require lateral thinking, Cole added.

“The robot also has the advantage of overcoming human error in testing and materials validation – meaning the data it collects is extremely accurate.”

FASTER was designed by CSIRO at its Clayton laboratory in Melbourne and could benefit a range of industries, including manufacturing, infrastructure and aerospace, said Cole.

In June, CSIRO released a fleet of floating bio-robots between Christmas Island and Madagascar to measure biological indicators in the Indian Ocean including dissolved oxygen, nitrate, organic matter and particles.

According to CSIRO project leader Doctor Nick Hardman-Mountford, the BioArgo robots will tell researchers about the growth of plankton, how much carbon they take up, how much plankton gets used in the food chain and how much gets buried.

"Knowing about this growth is important for predicting how much food the Indian Ocean can produce and how much carbon dioxide it can capture, and will give us a better idea of what keeps the Indian ocean healthy and productive,” he said at the time.

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