The Weekly Wrap: Time to prep for Windows 10 Creators Update

The new version of the OS arrives officially on April 11

Windows 10 Creators Update doesn't officially roll out until Tuesday -- and it'll likely be months before everyone running Windows 10 gets it. That's when the installation file will hit Windows Update and be offered to a select group of users.

That said, you can actually get a jump on everyone else now by running the Upgrade Assistant, which is available on Microsoft's website. (Update Assistant is a consumer-and-business alternative to Windows Update that lets you download the OS before Microsoft's delivery system sends it to, something that could take weeks.)

According to John Cable, director of program management and part of the Windows servicing and delivery team, the first group to get Creators Update will be users of "newer devices, especially those we tested together with our OEM hardware partners."

While Microsoft has made it easier to delay OS updates -- you can effectively hit the snooze button as needed -- Creators Update does offer a variety of new features, tweaks and applications. Most attention has been focused on user interface changes like tweaks to the Start Menu, new capabilities for Cortana and 3D design (the Paint 3D app).

But Microsoft also included lesser-known changes that may not be as showy, but are still good to know about because they affect the underlying way the OS works, and how you can use it on a more technical level.

Here are 10 of those changes you should be aware of. They'll likely help you have a better time once you take the Creators Update plunge.

You should also know that, while Microsoft has made some changes to the telemetry it collects, the OS still scoops up data on how it's being used. If that matters to you, and it probably should, there's more information about what's collected.

Here's more about the download and delivery process, and about Creators Update itself:

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And all of Computerworld's Windows 10 coverage is available in one place, here

Good luck upgrading.

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