Tech Talk: iPhone pricing, intent-based networks, GPS spoofing and smartwatches, oh my!

Our panel digs into whether smartwatch makers blew it by not focusing on the enterprise, why intent-based networking is the next big thing, whether GPS spoofing is real, and how high is too high when it comes to iPhone prices.

The latest episode of Tech Talk covered everything from whether the smartwatch market is dead (our four-member panel says no) to the vagaries of intent-based networking (machine learning hits the network!) to whether anyone would pay $1,000 for a new iPhone (yes) and GPS spoofing (it's a real thing).

About that last one, while GPS spoofing can be done, it's almost certainly not to blame for the recent rash of Navy collisions that have cost sailors their lives, according to CSO's Steve Ragan.

Joining Ragan for this episode's spirited discussion: Network World's Brandon Butler, Macworld's Mike Simon and Computerworld's Ken Mingis. (Helpful hint: Simon and Mingis are in the will-buy-a-new-iPhone-at-any-cost camp.)

If you want skip around among the topics we cover:

  • The debate about whether smartwatch makers missed the boat by not focusing   on enterprise uses comes first.
  • At the 8:20-minute-mark, we turn to intent-based networking and why it's a big deal.
  • At the 17:05 mark, we take a look at the real, but unlikely-to-happen, concerns about GPS spoofing.
  • And finally, at the 25:30 mark, the panel chews over reports that the upcoming iPhone 8 could cost well beyond $1,000.

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