Rackspace and HPE offer public cloud-style pricing for private cloud

OpenStack-based service available later this month; VMware and Azure Stack-based services launching in 2018

Rackspace has partnered with HP Enterprise to offer pay-as-you-go private cloud services based on OpenStack.

The new service will be available on 28 November.

“We believe very much in a multi-cloud future where particularly medium and large companies are going to be using some public cloud, some private cloud, some on-premises, some off-premises,”  Rackspace ANZ senior director and general manager Angus Dorney told Computerworld.

“What we’re announcing today with HPE is a new model in the private cloud space in terms of adopting a very much public-cloud-like pricing model that we think gives customers more choice and removes some potential barriers to customers choosing that private cloud pathway.”

The service will be available in customers’ data centres, within colocation facilities and within Rackspace’s data centres.

The pricing model for the service will be “much more simplified” compared to public cloud services from Amazon or Microsoft, Dorney said.

“The pricing will be around things like virtual machines and terabytes or gigabytes of storage, so it is a more simple approach than having to piece together all of the parts of the Lego puzzle,” the local Rackspace head said.

He said he expects significant uptake in the government and financial services industry, both for compliance and regulatory reasons as well as the scale of the infrastructure needs within the two sectors.

“Part of the benefit here is it’s literally private cloud delivered purely as a service with preconfigured infrastructure that provides everything from the right underlying hardware configuration to our best practice deployment of the actual private clouds themselves,” he added.

“One of the reasons that customers have adopted outsourcing and managed services models is because you operationalise the cost rather than having to fork out capital expenditure for standing up new solutions,” Dorney said.

“The new model actually takes that operating expenditure benefit – the opex vs capex benefit – to a new level. Really with the solution we’re talking about here, you have true on-demand access to private cloud resources without having to pay for them until you have to use them.”

Although the new service launches with OpenStack, Dorney said that in 2018 VMware and Microsoft Azure Stack-based pay-as-you-go private clouds would be offered.

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