Data sharing system to cut costs for aviation industry

First multi-site implementation of A-CDM

Airservices Australia says that the aviation industry will save $52 million thanks to a new information-sharing platform.

Airservices has partnered with Saab Sensis Corporation for the rollout of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM).

A-CDM will be implemented at Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney airports — with Airservices saying it will be the first air navigation service provider anywhere to implement a multi-location implementation of the system.

“Typically, A-CDM initiatives have been led by the airport and only in a single location,” an Airservices note on the program says.

“Airservices has adopted the lead role because airlines have asked for a single solution to harmonise operations across all major airports, reduce duplication costs and elevating the benefits of A-CDM to a whole-of-network perspective.”

“A-CDM allows our systems to share information in real time – we’re all speaking in the same language if you like, and for the first time we will all have a common picture of aircraft movements through the arrival, turnaround and departure phases of a flight,” said Airservices CEO Jason Harfield.

“This new system allows us to work more collaboratively. An air traffic controller can view the same real-time data that an airport or airlines operations manager can see. Ultimately this gives us greater predictability and working together we can plan the most efficient operations, which are more predictable and burn less fuel.”

“It means taxiing aircraft, and arrival and departure gates can be better managed, reducing delays, in fact preliminary modelling using A-CDM indicates taxi-times can be reduced by around 7 per cent, or one minute per aircraft in peak busy periods which adds up to big savings very quickly,” the CEO added.

The rollout of A-CDM will begin in September 2019 at Brisbane Airport, before being expanded across the other three airports. The program is expected to be completed in 2020.

Earlier this year Airservices awarded ASG with an $84 million contract to deliver a secure cloud platform and desktop as a service. The five-year contract will use infrastructure provided by Vault Systems.

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