Who is this guy?

Tabloid's ‘Who is this guy?' competition is gathering a momentum of its own as we take advantage of the collective brain power of our channel community to put names to some of the miscellaneous images lying around the office.

Our thanks go to Peter Pollari, Nortel product manager with Westcon Australia, who identified last week's subject therefore taking him all the way from the cutting room floor to a lofty place in Tabloid's photo files.

So he should have too. The smiling dial who became Tabloid's page 64 guy in last week's issue was none other than his Westcon boss Peter Williams.

A bit embarrassing that, actually. Probably should have asked some of our colleagues over at ARN. Surely, they would have been able to tell us that our mystery man was head honcho at one to Australia's larger IT distribution companies? Wouldn't they?

For his efforts, Peter P wins the usual array of ARNnet knick knacks, including a desktop mobile phone holder chair thingy and a fluro coffee mug. Both are really cool and don't question anybody's ethics in relation to the receiving of gifts as they are worth less than a couple of bucks each.

So - to this week's Tabloid enigma . . . do you know who this guy is? Good looking guy, plenty of hair left, neat desk, orderly office, late-model hardware and trendy tie. But, what is his name and where does he work?

Dob him in at arn_tabloid@idg.com.au (now working again as an e-mail address).

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