Tallyho strikes again!

They meet on the first Monday after the Melbourne Cup. This year's venue is the same as last's -- North Sydney's Greenwood Plaza Hotel.

'They' being many of the 800 traceable Australian IT types who once worked for the 'H' of the 'Bunch' and are thereby eligible to attend the Annual General Meetings of Tallyho - The Ancient and Loyal Legion of Yeoman Honeywell Old persons.

Tallyho first convened in 1992, born of a nostalgia for a once great computer company whose people could look back on some fantastic times. According to Honeywell Bull artist and Tallyho conveyor Derek Evans: "Times before MVS became the de facto standard for mainframes and before the arrival of Open Systems."

Tallyho luminaries include people like Bruce Lakin, Len Rust, Katherine Hartman, David Sanday, Peter Wong, Geoff Billingsly, Laurie Gilby, Harry Henderson, Mike Green, Chris Cheadle and Tony Collett. "They also include industry types like 'Crocodile' Tom Warnes and Brian McDonnell who yearly emerge from the rainforests of Far North Queensland to make the rest of us wonder where we went wrong," said Evans.

According to Evans, Tallyho is informal - no slides, agendas or SBRs. Anybody who worked for or was a user of Honeywell, GEIS, Bull, Incoterm, and the like, is welcome to come along on Monday November 9. Details from