Westpac retrofit ATM to cut fraud

Upgrade for ATM fleet

Australian bank Westpac has rolled out more than 1000 specialized ATM machines designed to eliminate ATM fraud.

A further 600 machines nationwide are yet to be fitted with the anti-skimming technology (or enhanced card drive) called Jitter but will be rolled out next year.

The jitter technology, developed by NCR, works via a stop start or "jitter" motion inside the card drive specifically designed to distort the magnetic stripe details should they be copied onto a foreign card reader inserted onto the ATM.

Wayne Beckley, Westpac head of Cash and ATMs, said when an ATM cannot be upgraded for the technology it will be replaced.

"We expect the complete roll-out of 'Jitter' technology to Westpac's 1600 strong ATM fleet by the end of 2008," Beckley said.

"We have been upgrading our ATMs at the rate of almost six per day to provide the broadest possible coverage and protection - not just for Westpac customers but for everyone who uses our ATMs."