The geek in review

Google and SalesForce battle Microsoft

Goocha libre: Google and SalesForce have announced that they are joining up to battle Microsoft, but the deal is going to look less like a merger and more like tag team wrestling. Look for Marc "Boogeyman" Benioff and Eric "the Undertaker" Schmidt to take on "Stone Cold" Steve Ballmer in a three-way smackdown. Viewer discretion is advised.

Too much too Zune. Microsoft is apparently purging its Zune division of iPods. Earlier this month the Zunies set up an iPod Amnesty Bin where employees can deposit their old Apple gear as they embark upon the One True Path of digital music righteousness. Most likely it's just an inside joke that got bent on its way to the Internet. And there's no truth to the rumor MS employees were able to trade iPods for a Glock Glock 9mm. That's a different exchange program.

Dell defenstrates. After months of anticipation, Dell has officially launched its first low-cost Linux systems. Starting this week, you can buy an Inspiron notebook or Dimension desktop that boots up to Ubuntu. However, it is not true that Ubuntu is an African word that means "if it breaks, you're on your own, sucker."

Keep on Trekkin'. I'm happy to report that actor James Doohan's ashes have been recovered from a mountaintop in New Mexico, where they'd been stranded after an attempt to launch them into space crash landed. Scotty's remains are now on their way to their final frontier. However, searchers are still looking for Geordi LaForge's missing visor, as well as the silver catsuit worn by Seven of Nine.