Duo to Standardize Removable Storage

StorageTek and Veritas are embarking on a joint venture to develop and promote a standard interface for managing removable storage. The resulting product will be a software controller that will unite disparate storage libraries and management platforms.

StorageTek's Automated Cartridge System (ACS) and Veritas' Media Library technologies will be combined into a software server that will interpret StorageTek's ACS and Microsoft's Remote Session Manager (RSM) storage APIs, due in Windows 2000.

StorageTek plans to deliver this so-called "media server," which will link tape libraries across mainframe, Unix, and Windows 2000 platforms in the first half of 2000.

"We've agreed to work together to promulgate a way for [varied] tape libraries to interface with one another," said Gary Lyng, director of product management at Veritas.

If widely adopted, such cross-platform functionality would be embraced by vendors and IT managers organizing storage on networks, experts said.

"On Unix and NT, there has not been a standard way for applications to share removable media resources," said Mark Nicolett, research director at the Gartner Group, in Stamford, Connecitcut. "As SANs [storage area networks] are deployed, there will be, for the first time, a way to connect library configurations to a large number of servers, something that was on [the MVS mainframe OS] forever."

StorageTek plans to release a "lite" version of the software by mid-1999. The completed server, due next year, will provide SAN support through Ethernet connectivity and storage device arbitration, officials said.

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