Nokia, RIM, say iPhone's growing the smartphone market

Despite the mass of publicity that’s come its way, the iPhone, rather than eating up the competition, is lifting sales of smartphones, claim competing manufacturers.

Competitors to Apple in the smartphone market claim the iPhone is lifting sales of their products rather than eating up their market share.

BlackBerry sales went up post iPhone, said Research in Motion COO Dennis Kavelman.

He said the iPhone, and the most recent 3G version, was helping raise awareness and converting voice-only phone users to converged devices

"iPhones get people thinking [about smartphones]... I want to buy them [Apple] a drink."

Nokia's industry liaison VP, Mark Selby, agrees with RIM's sentiments, saying devices such as the iPhone help "stimulate" the market and adds credibility when more people begin to talk about convergence.

Asked whether Nokia's forthcoming N96 will be an iPhone killer, Selby replied: "I don't know what there is to kill."

Despite the fanfare about Apple's entry into the market, he said it takes Nokia seven days to sell what Apple has sold in year.