The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Since GBU made its debut last week I can confidently say CW readers are not shy when it comes to sending "confidential e-mails". There is certainly plenty of activity out there in the marketplace, but it seems to be all related to downsizing, which corresponds with the tone of information received thus far. When times are tough so are the rumours. And like the staff involved, we wait with bated breath to see if whispers of machete-wielding cuts at some of Australia's largest telcos occur in coming weeks.

The Good

The sad demise of Gateway's operations in Australia is a sorry example of the current economic climate, but for bargain hunters there may be some good news. Gray Eisdell Timms has been appointed as Gateways sole auctioneers to dispose of $4 million of warehouse stock. It is the largest computer sell-off in Australia's IT history and will take place on October 27 and November 3. Stock details can be viewed at

The Bad

Not enough space in this column to even touch on the flow reaching the GBU inbox.

The Ugly

While this latest manoeuvre in vendorland is not ugly as such, GBU predicts it could get pretty nasty. Novell has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in the US District Court for allegedly "making and distributing false and misleading statements" about its products, specifically the NetWare 6 operating system. Novell is taking aim at a breakfast cereal box Microsoft sent to technology buyers called the "Microsoft Server Crunch", which allegedly makes false claims about Novell's NetWare. And I always thought those marketing gimmicks in cereal boxes were supposed to fun.

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