Motorola unveils enterprise-grade Android tablet

ET1 designed for uses such as mobile POS
Motorola's ET1 tablet.

Motorola's ET1 tablet.

Motorola Solutions has launched the ET1: A ruggedised tablet targeting enterprises.

The ET1 tablet runs version 2.3 of Google's Android mobile platform, with Motorola extending the OS to make it more appealing for use by organisations in sectors such as health, retail and supply chain. These extensions include the ability to have multiple user accounts for a single device and file system encryption.

The tablet, which uses Gorilla Glass for its 7-inch display, includes a proprietary port for the connection of peripherals such as a barcode scanner and a credit card reader. It also has a hot swappable battery, with the tablet able to stay on for around 15 minutes while the battery is changed. Motorola is also offering a charging station for the tablets.

The ET1 can be used with Motorola Solutions' Mobility Services Platform (MSP), which is designed for managing fleets of mobile devices, and includes features such as GPS tracking, remote wiping and centralised software updates.

The Motorola ET1 will be available in Q4.