Review: Targus 17” travel laptop roller

A good all-round travel solution with enough space for technology and luggage

Now that devices are getting smaller and multi-functioned, doing business on the move has become easier than before. However, managing all of these belongings has not become any easier. The 17” travel laptop roller (TCG717US) from Targus aims to simplify the process by providing enough storage and mobility to suite the needs of a typical road warriors.

Big and roomy

The Targus travel roller comes with enough storage space for a full size notebook and accessories, as well as the ability to pack overnight clothing. The bag measures 45.49 x 21.49 x 38 cm when fully packed, and the main sleeve can fit a notebook with a screen size of up to 17” or 41.9 x 32 x 5.5 cm. Considering Ultrabooks and tablets are increasing becoming the choice for road warriors, the generous spacing may be overkill to some users. The sleeve is accompanied with dedicated business card holder, loops for storing loose items such as pens, and a place to clip keys into place.

Next to sleeve is a large luggage section for extra storage, though it is mainly designed to store a change of clothes. There is enough space to pack a day’s worth of clothes, so the travel roller is aimed at day trippers making short journeys for work. The bag can be transported with the shoulder strap or handle at the top. However, if the bag is weighed down with luggage, it will only be practical for short distances, such as checking in at the airport. The main mode of transportation will be via the wheels attached at the base of the bag together with the extendable aluminium handle.

Sturdy feel

The Targus travel roller features durable nylon fabric, proving a tough exterior designed to withstand the rigours of travel. The space for the computer is smartly placed in the middle of the bag for protection, while the luggage compartment features Velcro panels to keep clothes in place. Both the luggage compartment and the accessory pocket are easy to open, which makes the bag accessible in situations where there is little room to move, such as the inside of an aircraft.

All travel bags live and die by the wheels they have, and Targus has fitted the travel roller with wheels that work well on most surfaces. When the bag was transported over the carpet, the wheels were almost soundless and encountered minimal resistance. The telescoping handle is made up three segments and measures 104 cm when fully extended, adequate for people of most heights. Since the handle is supported by two lengths of pipe, it is quite sturdy and showed no signs of wobbling during testing.

Closing thoughts

Overall, the Targus travel roller is a great solution for a road warrior that wants a balance between luggage and notebook space. However, those with smaller notebooks or tablets may find the bag a bit too big and heavy for their travel needs.

The laptop roller is available now at leading retails for $105. Targus products are distributed in Australia by Bluechip Infotech, Dicker Data, Ingram Micro and V Wholesale.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.