Speed tests seem to back up MyBroadband accuracy, department says

Around 6000 tests have been run using the government's MyBroadband site

With approximately 6000 tests completed in the first five weeks after a speed testing tool was added to the government's MyBroadband site the results appear to so far "in general" uphold the site's accuracy.

The MyBroadband website, launched in February, allows people to see the broadband availability and quality ratings for their local area.

After a user enters an address, the website gives an assessment of the availability and quality of fibre to the premises, hybrid fibre-coaxial, fibre to the node, fixed wireless and ADSL available in the surrounding area. It also indicates the quality of mobile broadband coverage in the area.

The data has been largely sourced from telcos, but its accuracy has come under attack. MyBroadband was dubbed "myfraudband" by a witness at a Senate committee hearing earlier this year.

The second phase of the MyBroadband project involved adding a speed test to the website to supplement information from telcos with 'crowdsourced' data

The Department of Communications "has been analysing the test results and, in general, the test results appear consistent with the range of speeds expected for different platforms in operational conditions," a departmental spokesperson said.

"The department is currently analysing this initial data with a view to publishing its findings," the spokesperson said.

"It also has an ongoing schedule of updating data which underpins the MyBroadband website to reflect changes to network coverage including expansion of NBN Co’s coverage footprint."

The department will make its findings available on the website once the analysis is complete and publish the associated data subject to privacy obligations, the spokesperson said.