Telstra to resell SoftLayer IaaS services

Telco to resell IBM cloud services

Telstra and IBM have inked an agreement under which the telco will offer SoftLayer cloud services to its customers.

"Telstra customers will be able to access IBM’s hourly and monthly compute services on the SoftLayer platform, a network of virtual data centres and global points-of-presence, all of which are increasingly important as enterprises look to run their applications on the cloud," said Telstra's cloud chief Erez Yarkoni (who was recently appointed Telstra's CIO).

Telstra customers can access SoftLayer's infrastructure-as-a-service offerings via the Internet or the telco's network.

The first SoftLayer data centre was unveiled in Melbourne in August. Earlier this year a second facility was launched in Sydney.

The facilities ewre built as part of a $1.2 billion global investment by IBM to build 15 new data centres around the world.

Like other SoftLayer data centres, the Australian facilities each has capacity for more than 15,000 physical services at launch. In the future, each site could expand to include 100,000 servers, according to IBM.

IBM moved to acquire SoftLayer for US$2 billion in mid-2013.

In October of that year, IBM began integrating its cloud portfolio with SoftLayer's cloud computing infrastructure.

Telstra last year struck an agreement with Cisco to sell hybrid cloud services.