Optus offers 'Azure-consistent' cloud services

Optus signs up to Microsoft's Cloud OS Network

Optus has joined Microsoft's Cloud OS Network, the telco announced today. The move means that Optus can offer services based on Microsoft's Cloud Platform.

Optus said that it will allow companies to have a single service relationship with the telco and implement a hybrid setup that allows enterprises to shift applications from their own data centres to an 'Azure-consistent' private cloud hosted by Optus in its local data centres or to Microsoft's public cloud as needed.

"Increasingly our customers want more flexibility in the way they use their cloud environment to realise the benefits of 'as-a-service' and consumption-based models," Optus Business managing director John Paitaridis said in a statement.

"We are excited about this partnership which means that Optus enterprise and government customers can benefit from a combination of industry-leading Microsoft technology and Optus’ managed cloud and hosting expertise."

Microsoft's Cloud OS Network includes more than 80 members. The only other Australia-based partner is TrustedCloud (New Zealand-based Revera is also a member of the network).

The Cloud OS Network launched in late 2013.

Members of the network offer Azure-like cloud services based Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows System Center 2012 R2 and the Windows Azure Pack.

"Every organization has different needs and different IT requirements for addressing those needs," said a statement issued by Microsoft for the 2013 launch of the network.

"With the Cloud OS Network, customers now have even more choice in deploying hybrid solutions on the Microsoft Cloud Platform — either in their datacenter, in Windows Azure or, now, through a network of service providers.

"Customers also benefit from uniquely tailored, fully managed services within their local market, as well as a high degree of technical consistency across environments, which prevents vendor lock-in and enables flexibility. As a result, customers can focus on increasing efficiencies, improving employee productivity and lowering operational costs."

"The Cloud OS Network program is for service providers who have embraced the vision of cloud computing," Microsoft's local managing director, Pip Marlow, said in a statement issued today.

"Through this partnership with Microsoft, Optus can now deliver solutions based on the Microsoft Cloud Platform designed to meet enterprise customers' hybrid computing needs. Optus can offer customers more flexibility and control when it comes to managing the cloud environments.

"Ultimately, cloud is all about creating new opportunities more quickly, improving employee productivity and lowering costs — and this new partnership helps Australian organisations to achieve these goals."

Microsoft last year launched its long-anticipated local Australian region for Azure cloud services.

The company now offers its IaaS and PaaS Azure services out of two data centres in Sydney and Melbourne.