Reject Shop expands MDM to Android

The Reject Shop has some 1200 Android devices it employs for inventory management, managed by a centralised MDM system

Previously relying solely on Windows CE-based barcode scanners, The Reject Shop turned to Android-based Zebra MC40 handheld computers to offer a richer set of features to staff and improve customers' in-store experience.

Key to handling a fleet of mobile devices across the company’s geographically dispersed stores has been a centralised mobile device management tool, according to CIO Ed Tollinton.

The chain now has some 1200 Android devices across 340 stores, the CIO said.

The MC40s offer 1D and 2D barcode scanning, put-to-talk capability and a magnetic stripe reader for POS support, as well as the features of a modern smartphone running Google’s mobile platform.

The company had been employing SOTI MobiControl to manage its Windows CE devices prior to the Android rollout.

The company has expanded the use of the MDM solution to also encompass the Android devices, the CIO said.

“We chose SOTI MobiControl as our MDM tool to manage devices from provisioning through to retirement,” Tollinton said.

“Through SOTI, we are able to secure, monitor, manage and remotely distribute digital enterprise apps and content seamlessly without human intervention. This enables business continuity whilst accelerating strategic momentum.”

The Reject Shop’s entire fleet of handheld devices is managed through a single interface, the CIO said.

“The Reject Shop has had minimal device management overheads and we have been able to apply regular OS and app updates affordably and in a timely manner. We have also been able to resolve any issues in a fast and efficient manner.”