Pirate website blocks: Full details of who wants what blocked

First use of website blocking laws

Court filings from the first two attempts to use a controversial anti-piracy law offer details of what websites rights holders want blocked and how they expect Internet service providers to block their customers from accessing them.

Yesterday two different legal actions were filed in the Federal Court seeking injunctions that will compel ISPs named in the applications to block access to a number of sites linked to online piracy.

The first action was filed by Foxtel. Named as respondents are TPG (and its subsidiary iiNet), Telstra (and its Pacnet subsidiary), and Optus (and subsidiaries including Uecomm, Optus Wholesale, Optus Mobile, Vividwireless and Uecomm).

Foxtel is targeting The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, TorrentHound and IsoHunt. Included in the application are a number of domains, proxies and IP addresses associated with the named sites.

The second application was made by Village Roadshow and a group of movie studios (Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, Columbia, Universal and Warner Bros). Named as respondents are 50 ISPs (including subsidiaries).

Respondents include Telstra, Optus, M2 (whose brands include Commander, Primus and Dodo), and TPG (including iiNet, Internode, Westnet and Adam Internet and FTTB wholesaler, the creatively named FTTB Wholesale).

The Village application targets Solar Movie (including a range of associated domains and IP addresses).

ISPs are expected to have a coordinated response to the application and not oppose the move to block access to the sites that are the subject of the applications by Foxtel and Village.

Both applications seek court orders that will compel ISPs to, 15 days after they are granted, block access to the sites employing DNS blocking, IP address blocking or “alternative technical means” (the Roadshow originating application also offers “URL blocking” as a possibility).

The intention is that any attempt to access the sites will redirect a browser to a page saying that the site has been blocked by an order of the Federal Court.

Case management hearings for the applications will be held on 8 March (Roadshow) and 15 March (Foxtel).

Computerworld Australia has posted the full applications online: