New South Wales invests in comms upgrade for emergency services

State government to spend $63 million on single integrated radio network for law enforcement and emergency services

The New South Wales government will spend $63 million on an integrated radio communications network for emergency services, it announced today.

The project will be led by the NSW Telco Authority and involve the integration of more than 70 separate networks.

The state government said the project will reduce the inefficacy of agencies operating multiple, overlapping networks and deliver better coverage, including almost tripling handheld radio coverage for the State Emergency Service.

The government will fund a pilot project involving the integration of 10 existing networks in the northwest of the state.

The pilot will boost coverage for Rural Fire Service, the State Emergency Service and Fire and Rescue units. The pilot will cost $9.2 million and be completed in January 2017.

“A program focused on improved communication resilience, coverage and innovation will support our front line personnel as they deliver the best possible out-of-hospital care to those in need,” said Ambulance Service of NSW senior assistant commissioner Michael Homden.