SA govt to launch cyber security ‘marketplace’

Marketplace to facilitate cross-government procurement

The South Australian government will launch a cyber security “marketplace” for agencies as part of the state’s first whole-of-government cyber security strategy.

The state government earlier this month released the Cyber Security Strategic Plan 2018-2021. The document has a three-pronged action plan to boost collaboration within and without government, build security resilience, and strengthen security skills and leadership within government.

The document outlines a three-year program of work. Initiatives include the implementation of the new marketplace or “kiosk” by July this year. The marketplace will help achieve economies of scale through cross-government procurement of information security tools and services.

The plan also foreshadows the creation of a threat intelligence platform for use by all agencies, as well as the ongoing development of the government’s watch desk facility for incident detection and response.

The ‘Influence Leadership’ stream of the action plan includes establishing an across government cyber security governance committee and re-establishing the government’s IT security adviser forum.

The whole-of-government chief information security officer, who sits within SA’s Department of Premier and Cabinet, has responsibility for leading the implementation of the new strategic plan.

In April, David Goodman was appointed South Australia’s first government CISO.

In August last year the Victorian government unveiled its cyber security strategy, which envisages a shift to a whole-of-government approach for information security. In October the state government announced that it had appointed ANZ’s former senior manager, information and technology risk, John O’Driscoll to the newly created government CISO position.

Earlier in 2017 the New South Wales government revealed that it had appointed former AUSTRAC CIO Dr Maria Milosavljevic to oversee cyber security as government CISO.

Last year the federal government also released its first annual update to the national cyber security strategy

The South Australian Cyber Security Strategic Plan 2018-2021 is available online (PDF).