Cirrus Communications makes fixed wireless retail play

C2 Direct to offer businesses an alternative to NBN services, company says

Fixed wireless wholesaler Cirrus Communications has entered the retail market. The company said the newly launched C2 Direct will offer an alternative to the NBN for businesses.

”NBN certainly meets a need in the market — but it is a very long way from offering a compelling solution to businesses dependent on service availability,” said Cirrus Communications CEO Eric Heyde.

“Frankly, their services are either residential-grade or very expensive.”

C2 Direct will initially target SMEs with five to 50 employees in the “critically underserved industrial estates” of large Australian cities, he said.

C2 Direct says it offers services ranging from 10/10 megabits per second through to 1+ gigabits per second, on one-, two- and three-year contracts.

The 10/10Mbps service costs $265 a month on a one-year contract (dropping to $220 for a three-year contract).

Cirrus says its fixed wireless service is available in more than 250 regions around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Geelong, Wollongong, the Gold Coast, the Central Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and other regional centres.

Fibre network operator Superloop has also been targeting businesses with fixed wireless services that it says offer an alternative to the NBN.

In 2016 it acquired Big Air. Last year it picked up wireless ISP NuSkope and managed Wi-Fi provider GX2.