Dynatrace shifts away from APM to software intelligence

The APM vendor is making software intelligence a core focus for customers

In a bid to meet customer demand, application performance management (APM) software vendor Dynatrace says it is shifting from app management to focus on software intelligence at scale.

Speaking on stage at its first pan-European Perform conference, John Van Siclen, CEO at Dynatrace said: “We all know digital transformation is driving every company to become a software company.”

He gave the example of GE Digital, the General Electric technology arm that focuses on the internet of things (IoT). However, it is critical to understand that not only are companies shifting to software but there is an urgency to make sure the software works perfectly, Van Siclen explained.

“We’re reinventing the platform and the application model at the same time with microservices, and we’re thinking: 'well that’s not hard enough so let’s start writing code and releasing it every hour, maybe every minute and to keep up with Amazon, maybe every few seconds',” he added.

Now Dynatrace wants to create a platform for speed, agility and scale that will develop with companies as they go through that transformation.

“Not only is digital transformation cloud-first, but as it relates to us, the cloud has changed everything because all the monitoring that we used in the past is actually doesn’t work, it doesn’t deal with scale of the cloud, it doesn’t deal with the dynamism of the cloud or the new application models,” he said.

What next?

In order to deliver in this ‘cloud-first’ world, Dynatrace has developed its entire software stack to adapt to this.

From what may have previously been a US$3 billion APM business, the company is now setting its sights on becoming a $15 billion monitoring, business intelligence, devops space.

“Software taking over the world is a massive change, and at the core of all this, we believe intelligence is at the centre. Software intelligence is where it’s heading and we believe that Dynatrace can be that software intelligence for the autonomous platform,” he added.

Already, Dynatrace boasts of over 500 percent growth of its new all-in-one performance management platform since the launch in 2017, with 70 percent of recent bookings being for the platform.

At the conference, the company made two new product announcements: management zones and log analytics, putting the company into direct competition with machine intelligence software vendor Splunk.

Management zones is a new capability built to provide easy to consume software insights for enterprise teams. The product is designed with automation at its heart, with the ability to automatically provide environment information from the orchestration layer.

The second is the launch of log analytics, an all-in-one solution that is automated and built in context. It includes log files, which are picked up automatically. Dynatrace is also keen to tout its AI capabilities, surfacing the most important insights automatically.

During a live demo on stage, Florian Ortner, chief product officer at Dynatrace said: “All of that, more or less can be solved with Dynatrace out of the box. Dynatrace AI can pick up the root cause of the problem."

The two products are now available for user access online. Customers can sign up for a free 15-day trial here.