Nokia-backed ‘5G’ training centre launched at UTS

More than 1000 students expected to pass through the Nokia 5G Skills Accelerator in 2019

A new training facility at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) will provide students, researchers and industry personnel with access to next-generation telecommunications equipment.

The new Nokia 5G Skills Accelerator is based at the UTS Botany Tech Lab and Ultimo Data Lounge. Nokia said that it expects more than 1000 academic students and industry personnel to pass through the Nokia 5G Skills Accelerator in 2019.

UTS associate dean, external engagement, Myriam Amielh said the facility will provide “access to the latest technologies that will enable 5G and the future of Australia’s communications networks”.

“We are very excited about the opportunities to bring together academic and industry learning groups into this dynamic environment in such an important area of development,” Amielh said.

“We are delighted to extend our industry collaboration with Nokia in this way, enhancing our own teaching capabilities and helping Nokia put its Australian customers and industry partners at the forefront of global development.”

Nokia and the university in April last year announced that they had signed a memorandum of understanding for the creation of a “collaborative innovation and training facility at UTS,” with Nokia to provide IP routing, optical, fixed and 4G and 5G mobile network components, and applications and analytics platforms for project work and training.

Nokia participates in the UTS Rapido program, which is based at UTS’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and helps organisations develop hardware and software prototypes and solutions.