Victoria Police to fit 220 patrol cars with number plate recognition cams

Signs $17.3m deal with Motorola Solutions

Victoria Police has signed a $17.3 million contract with Motorola Solutions to fit out 220 patrol cars with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology.

The roll-out uses cameras fitted within the cars linked to a cloud-based number plate recognition system to “rapidly scan through thousands of vehicle number plates to identify dangerous and unauthorised drivers in real-time” Motorola said.

The cameras also collect high quality video and audio recordings which can be submitted as evidence in court.

The recordings “increase protection and accountability for interactions between police and the public” Motorola explained.

The state-wide, five year managed service contract follows a $50 million managed service mobility contract signed in April last year, which involved equipping 10,000 police officers with iPads and iPhones.

That deal included the roll-out of workflow app mPol, developed by Collingwood-based app-maker Gridstone, which has also been implemented by Queensland Police. It features GIS/Map Query for better situational awareness, allowing officers to add notes and data to flagged locations. The app also allows police to create intelligence reports, infringement notices, move-on directions and roadside drug tests.

Motorola Solutions is behind the state’s Metropolitan Mobile Radio network for first responders, and its Metropolitan Data Network (MDN).

Sheriff’s officers in Victoria – responsible for enforcing warrants and orders issued by the courts – already use ANPR technology. Their cameras are used in car parks and at road block operations and if a match is made software notifies the officer and records the time, date, location and number plate.

Last year Victoria Police signed a deal with SAS Institute Australia to give officer’s access to a new software platform that will let the force’s 600+ crime analysts query and integrate results from discrete police databases.

“By combining ANPR detection with in-car video, this solution will provide high quality visual and audio corroboration of incidents and offences witnessed by police,” said Motorola Solutions vice president and managing director, Steve Crutchfield, of the deal announced today.

“Solutions like this have been proven to increase accountability and even make individuals modify their behaviour when they know they are being filmed, contributing to greater safety for all road users and police officers,” he added.

The technology investments are each part of Victoria Police’s Capability Plan 2016-2025 and Blue Paper: A Vision for Victoria Police in 2025, which outline the force’s service delivery transformation.