New strategy to push digital building blocks for government services

Government unveils ‘Service Connect’ platform

A new strategy released by the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) aims to guide the development of reusable “building blocks” that deliver “simple, common, non-business specific services” that can be employed across government.

The government wants to develop more whole-of-government digital platforms that can address common needs of department and agencies and avoid duplication of effort.

The Digital Service Platforms Strategy outlines a number of initiatives, including the development of API standards and defining standard architecture patterns.

A number of government platforms under development include an enhanced version of myGov, the DTA-developed digital identity platform, ‘Tell Us Once’ capabilities that can allow details such as an individual’s name, address and email to be shared (with consent) between agencies, an inbox service, and a notifications service.

Future capabilities the DTA is eyeing include a personalised myGov dashboard, a set of payments services, end user services that support “improved service delivery, decision making through smarter use of data and back office support functions”, and business registry services.

The strategy is “essential to ensure government agencies have the necessary guidance to develop and adopt reusable platforms designed around the needs of those who will ultimately use them,” said human services and digital transformation minister Michael Keenan.

“This is the only way we will be able to deliver services that are tailored to the needs of Australian people and businesses.”

Service Connect

The government today announced the launch of Service Connect: A new digital platform that can used to connect people with service providers.

The first service built using the new platform is Child Care Finder. The site allows a person to locate nearby child care services based on the type of care sought.

“Service Connect is a strong example of a flexible, interoperable and scalable platform that will deliver a world-class experience to Australians and, at the same time, accelerate the transformation of services by removing the need for individual agencies to design, build, operate and maintain their own services from scratch,” Keenan said. 

Keenan last month launched the government’s digital transformation strategy, which has as a key goal all government services being available through online channels by 2025.