Infosys brings 5G Living Lab to Melbourne

Plans to launch five Living Labs globally

Infosys has brought its 5G Living Lab to Australia, opening up a new spot in Melbourne three months after launching its first lab in Bangalore in March.

The Labs aim to support communication service providers in monetising their 5G network deployments. This will be possible by offering organisations a chance to explore, develop and deploy 5G solutions, creating proof-of-concepts as well as bring the use cases to life.

Infosys plans to take the 5G Living Labs to other locations including Richardson in the UK, Indianapolis in the UK and Frankfurt in Germany.

The labs will provide a simulated 5G environment for experimenting with new technologies and emerging areas such as IoT, AR, VR and AI.

It will also aim to help companies define business use cases and return on investment; creating proof-of-concepts with technology providers and partners; testing and validating the solution.

“As we know, many of the telecoms providers are committed to their investment and are trying to monetise the roll out of 5G, while enterprises are thinking about how they can bring the power of 5G to the mainstream,” Infosys senior vice president of industry and head of global markets Raja Shah said.

Federal Minister for communications, cyber safety and arts Paul Fletcher said Infosys’ investment in a 5G Living Lab in Melbourne offers the promise of being an important enabler for businesses across Australia.

In November, Infosys announced plans to launch three innovations hubs and create 1,200 jobs in Australia by 2020.

Out of the 1,200 jobs to be created by the consulting and services provider, 40 per cent will be Australian university graduates from a range of fields including computer science and design.

Infosys will also strengthen its academic partnerships to attract top graduate talent and accelerate digital skill building in Australia.