South Australia to roll out centralised security analytics capability

$4.25 million for cyber security initiative

The South Australian government will invest in an “across government automated analytics and monitoring capability,” budget documents reveal.

The government intends to spend $4.25 million over the next four years on the measure, with an eye to ongoing annual funding of $1 million.

The new capability “will enable a central unit to identify and respond to cyber threats as and when they occur,” according to the government.

South Australia in April 2017 tapped public sector veteran David Goodman to be its first whole-of-government chief information security officer (CISO).

The state government in early 2018 launched a cyber security strategic plan. An update issued in January 2019 cited progress in a number of areas including establishing an across-government cyber security steering committee, the deployment of a threat intelligence sharing toolkit to agencies and ongoing work developing the Office for Cyber Security’s Watch Desk.

New fines system for South Australia Police

The state government will fund a $7.7 million, four-year initiative to replace the current expiation notice system employed by South Australia Police. An expiation notice allows an individual to pay a fee for minor road traffic offences as an alternative to a court process.

“This investment will enable the current system to be replaced by a contemporary system that is significantly more efficient and will combat the existing risks faced by the current environment, which has become increasingly costly to maintain due to ageing technical platforms, which can no longer be adequately supported by vendors,” budget documents state.

Last month the Queensland government announced it had torn up a contract to implement a debt recovery solution for the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER). The state government cited a blowout in the implementation timeframe and costs of the system.

Further south, the core platform of Fines Victoria was recently the subject of a withering report from the Victorian Ombudsman.