IBM Rolls Out NetVista Desktop Line

FRAMINGHAM (03/13/2000) - IBM Corp. today rolled out NetVista, a new line of desktop computers designed for fast Internet access and high networking bandwidth, the company said.

According to an IBM statement, the NetVista family of PCs will feature matte-black designs, 256-bit encryption, wireless networking capabilities and high-resolution, flat-panel screens.

IBM said it's investing $100 million to market and advertise the NetVista line.

The company has already signed deals to provide the Internet appliance to several companies, including AT&T Corp., Fidelity Investments in Boston, Lycos Inc. in Waltham, Mass., and Bell Atlantic Corp. in Philadelphia.

The new products include the following:

NetVista All-in-One, a PC that features a 15-in. flat-panel monitor and built-in speakers. The All-in-One is 75% smaller than the typical home or office PC.

NetVista Legacy-Free, a PC designed to be like a thin client. It includes IBM's embedded security chip and 256-bit encryption technology.

NetVista Internet Appliance, a lightweight desktop that offers instant access to the Internet.

NetVista Zero-Footprint Thin Client, a space-saving network computer with an LCD display.