Stories by IDG staff

What's he smiling about?

This week's "Who is this guy?" candidate chose not to be photographed in his luxurious leather chair in his spiffy office, nor did he stand with his back to a view of the harbour. He chose boxes. Boxes as far as the eye can see.


Hacking rises despite increased security spending ...CA backup software ships with Red Hat Linux...First Linux developmentstandards spec released...Cellphones get in the picture...Sweeper gives skin flick...CERT stepping up disclosure of security holes...McAfee: updates create solid contender...Calling all researchers

A tribute to Bob Gentner

The following tributes are just a few of the many sent to the Queensland office in recent weeks

Learning IT right from wrong

As computer students are given increasingly powerful tools, their mentors are working to ensure a proper mix of science and ethics steers them through their working future

Hot Keycorp rockets into US market

Keycorp dominated the IT headlines this week when it entered the US government market through a deal with TECSEC, forged an alliance with Bull, bought out the Commonwealth Bank's share of a joint venture and renegotiated its deal with Telstra. Other Australian companies also managed to keep their exports rolling

It's the fourth quarter: the heat is on!

It's that time of the year again, the famous fourth quarter, when the long knives come out, when the pundits hit the road with their prognostications, and when the industry big mouths run out their business models for next year and try to crucify the competition. It's also a time when IT executives wonder what will my title be tomorrow? Len Rust puts it into perspective

Online election changes dynamics at AIIA

Some unexpected results emerged from the first online election for board members of the AIIA indicating that future candidates will have to adjust their lobbying techniques to keep up with online advances. Around the traps, however, there were few surprises during the week

It's time to go boldly into the networked economy

As the United States is experiencing a sustained period of economic growth, full employment and low inflation, it is time to disregard financial advisors made cautious by dot-com company problems and marketing fluctuations and adopt bullish strategies to enter the networked economy. Len Rust examines these bullish claims by Gartner group, and samples other recent research offerings

Sausage expands into Asia

Sausage Software has opened its first Asian office in Singapore, where it has already signed up two global clients. Other Australian companies also increased their efforts in the region, while Logica made another attempt at getting its business up to speed Down Under