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Who is this guy?

Tabloid's ‘Who is this guy?' competition is gathering a momentum of its own as we take advantage of the collective brain power of our channel community to put names to some of the miscellaneous images lying around the office.

Bubble at bursting point?

And you thought inflation and the pace of change was bad in Australia. Try this one for size.
On a recent trip to California's Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, one unnamed ARN informant managed to take the time to let us know what we've been observing and saying for years.

the bottom line: Hewlett Packard e-speak development framework for e-services

Busin-ess Case: e-speak-enabled e-services allow companies to partner with third parties on-the-fly in order to maximise their offerings and services without costly integration requirements. Because of e-speak's modular framework for e-services, companies can leverage existing assets quickly while increasing accessibility.

Observers expect ASP shakeout

Following historical patterns in the adoption of new technology, the ASP market will undergo a painful shakeout in the next year, industry observers said at the ASPWorld Conference & Expo held in San Jose, California recently.

E-commerce not purely a US phenomenon

Growing Internet use will lead to booming electronic commerce revenue outside the U.S. in this year's fourth quarter, and the booming growth in all other markets will outstrip the increase in North America, where fourth-quarter e-commerce revenue is projected to grow at almost 70 per cent. The evidence is examined by Len Rust, who also casts his eye over other recently released research

Bruce Thompson takes seat at Sausage

Shortly after quitting the managing director's job at Hewlett-Packard's Australian subsidiary, Bruce Thompson has been appointed to the rather slim board of Sausage Software. Other movements around the traps this week were quite seriously puzzling

SecureNet cracks fast-growing Chinese market

A well-established Chinese operation has begun paying dividends in the form of multimillion dollar orders for Australian online security specialist SecureNet. China also proved lucrative for listed developer MXL, while on the home front the big orders just kept on coming

Aussie veterans attract US investors

Platypus Technology, the company set up early this year by Geoff O'Reilly and Colin Lillywhite to build solid state hard drives, has attracted $US7 million from investors in the US and Asia. Other wheeling and dealing during the week also involved some well known Australian names