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Westpac goes all the way with IBM GSA

CSC and Optus spent black Friday ruing the deal that might have been after Westpac announced that its multi-billion dollar outsourcing requirements will be handled by IBM Global Services Australia and Telstra. While that news put all else in the shade, Australian companies continued during the week to show they can hold their own on the world stage

Outsourcing breaks out everywhere

A big part of management's concern about IT has been cost and delivery, and those genuine concerns have forced IT to fight for capital at the same time as organisations are facing eroded profit margins and -- for many -- a shortage of capital. Where IT expenditure is too high it won't survive; but will be cut back or outsourced. Len Rust explains

Who is that bearded man . . . ?

Yet again the channel has excelled itself. The word is that last week's mystery man was in fact Path Communication's Brad Merrick. He was spotted by the ever-vigilant LAN Systems Cisco representative extraordinaire Rennee Owens who will duly receive ARNnet paraphanalia to adorn her desk (see we are learning something from vendors after all).

Olympics - thank God its over

Now that the Olympics are over and we are no longer the centre of the universe (although we've always been pretty bloody close to it) it's time to get back to normal so:

News Briefs

MS seeks plenty of time in appeal, Red Hat Linux 7 shipped, Palm, Motorola to develop smart phones, Oracle hooks up a wireless workforce

DMR snaps up refugee from ZIVO for e-business

Maybe the Olympics created such a feel-good atmosphere that everyone decided to give the boss another go, or perhaps with their heads glued to their TV sets the malcontents couldn't be bothered resigning. Whatever the reason, fewer local job changes came to The Rust Report's attention this week than is normal, although there were plenty of noteworthy moves abroad

KAZ sniffs sweet success in regional deal

Australian outsourcing company KAZ has been awarded an offshore outsourcing contract covering IT services throughout the Asia/Pacific region for fragrance and flavour manufacturer Givaudan. Elsewhere, Australian companies picked up business at home and abroad in such fine fashion that some pundits began to wonder whether the recent fuss about our perceived IT failings can be justified

Davnet finds muscle for Singapore push

Davnet, the Australian company that specialises in the infrastructure of smart buildings, has formed an alliance with Harmony Telecommunications to market broadband products and services in Singapore. Other alliances sealed during the week will also give Australian companies greater exposure on the World stage.