Stories by Marc Ferranti

UPDATE: CFO Leaves SAP America

SAP America's Chief Financial Officer John Milana has resigned to join an electronic-commerce, business-to-business procurement company, SAP announced yesterday.

CFO Leaves SAP America

SAP America's chief financial officer, John Milana, has resigned to join an e-commerce, business-to-business procurement company, SAP announced yesterday.

UPDATE: Ballmer Named MS CEO, Gates Takes New Role

Microsoft Corp.'s Bill Gates today announced that he is handing over the chief executive officer reins to Steve Ballmer, retaining his role as company chairman and taking on a newly created position of chief software architect.

WorldBeat: Day Traders Court High Profits, Risks

A block down from the New York Stock Exchange a large room full of mainly young men are pursuing an Internet age version of the American dream of rugged individualism: be your own boss; take (intelligent, calculated) risks; get rich.

Tivoli jumps into service provider business

IBM's network management software arm Tivoli Systems has laid out plans for how it will deal with the exploding demand for telecommunications and Internet applications services, announcing new products, partners and a new business unit.

TELECOM 99: Compaq bolsters telco business

Announcing a new business unit and product packages for telephone companies and mobile communications providers, Compaq Computer officials yesterday declared the company is serious about growing its telecommunications business.

Internet World: Users eye ASP concept warily

The application service provider (ASP) concept -- touted at Internet World by computer industry heavyweights and telecommunications companies alike -- could be an attractive business proposition for companies ranging from corporations to three-person businesses, according to users here at the show.

Sun seeks reinstatement of Microsoft injunction

Sun Microsystems on Friday filed two motions with the Federal District Court in San Jose, California, seeking reinstatement of an injunction against Microsoft that was remanded by the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last month.

France Telecom to Buy US$1 Billion NTL Stake

France Telecom SA today announced that it will acquire a US$1 billion [B] stake in telephone and cable network operator NTL Inc. in an effort to consolidate its market share in the U.K. telecommunications arena.
With the investment France Telecom said it is supporting NTL's bid to acquire the consumer division of Cable & Wireless Communications PLC (CWC), according to a statement from France Telecom. If the CWC deal goes through, it would double NTL's current cable and telephone coverage in the U.K., to 2.3 million [M] telephone subscribers and 2.15 million [M] cable television users, according to France Telecom.

WorldCom extends ATM network to Asia-Pacific

MCI WorldCom is enhancing its services for multinational companies with the expansion of its Global Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) service to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney, the company announced yesterday.

Lucent to buy Nexabit to boost IP offerings

Telecommunications equipment giant Lucent Technologies last week announced it is strengthening its product line for the Internet with a $US900 million acquisition of privately held Nexabit Networks.

IBM set to ship OS/400 upgrade

IBM announced yesterday that it is set to ship on Friday the new release of the operating system for AS/400 mid-range machines that the company says is the most significant upgrade to the software in years.

Gerstner outlook on IBM boosts stock, Dow

IBM chairman and chief executive officer Lou Gerstner's Internet-focused address to investment analysts on Wednesday so wowed his audience that the company's stock jumped $US14.50 in mid-day trading yesterday, a 6.43 percent rise from Wednesday's close of $225.50.