Stories by Todd R. Weiss

Terra Lycos signs IBM for exclusive hardware, support

Global Internet company Terra Lycos SA is shifting to a one-vendor IT strategy, signing on with IBM Corp. for hardware and support for the next two years and replacing equipment and software now supplied by Sun Microsystems Inc. and Compaq Computer Corp.

Sircam worm spreading; vendor warnings upgraded

Since first being reported last Tuesday, the W32.Sircam.worm computer virus has been infecting e-mails across the Internet and spreading rapidly, enticing unknowing recipients to open an attached file that can unleash a vicious electronic attack on their PCs.

IT spending still going up, but not for all users

Despite the sluggish economy and the IT buying slowdown cited by numerous vendors, new surveys show that corporate spending on technology still appears to be going up on average this year. But that's certainly not what many users are planning.

Glitches block some Windows XP beta downloads

After waiting patiently for their chance to try out the beta-test version of Microsoft's upcoming Windows XP operating system, some users have been unable since last week to download the software via the Internet. unveils 10 new Internet domain names

Three months after unveiling 20 top-level domains outside the official Internet naming system, start-up Inc. Tuesday released another 10 top-level domains designed to add more naming choices for individual and corporate Web sites.

Lotus introduces corporate IM for wireless

The workplace instant messaging business got a new player on Monday as IBM's Lotus Development unveiled its new wireless application for cell phones, personal digital assistants, Pocket PCs and other handheld devices.

ICANN, under fire, targets alternate top-level domains

Facing increased pressure from upstart companies that are contesting its authority over the designation of Internet top-level domains, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) plans to directly tackle the issue of so-called "alternate roots" at its regular quarterly meeting that starts Friday in Stockholm.

OpenBSD drops firewall program in licensing dispute

When an Australian software developer tightened licensing restrictions on his firewall program last month, he set off a chain of events that has caused a big controversy among the open-source developers who work on the OpenBSD operating system.

Software vendor Cognos issues earnings warning

Canadian business intelligence software vendor Cognos Inc. yesterday announced it plans to lay off about 300 people amid lower-than-expected earnings in its first quarter of 2002, which ends today.