Stories by Todd R. Weiss

Dot-com layoffs down slightly from April record

Layoffs from dot-coms are down slightly in May from April's record of more than 17,000 layoffs, but the total job cuts in just the first five months of this year add up to almost 60 percent more than in all of last year.

ICANN, VeriSign amendments pass final test

As expected, VeriSign Inc. will continue to operate the .com Internet top-level domain registry through 2007, while giving up control of the .org registry next year and putting the operations of the .net registry up for open bids in 2005.

IBM plans to embrace Web-based computing services

As expected, IBM today announced an e-business initiative aimed at making it easier for corporate users to integrate different applications via a Web computing services architecture based on various technology standards.

Denial-of-service warning put out by FBI agency

Web site administrators are being advised by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)'s cybercrime division to be extra vigilant for evidence of distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks that have recently hit Web sites.

XML group to create specifications for voting systems

Six months after the tumultuous presidential balloting in Florida, a nonprofit technical consortium yesterday announced that it has formed a committee to develop a specialized XML standard aimed at improving the accuracy and efficiency of elections.

Microsoft again takes aim at open-source

Microsoft Corp. last week renewed its offensive against open-source software development, a move that the software vendor said was made in response to repeated queries from corporate users about how it's responding to the open-source movement.

B2B vendor i2 joins rival Ariba in naming new CEO

I2 Technologies Inc. Wednesday became the second business-to-business software vendor to name a new CEO this week, announcing that Greg Brady, who had been the company's president, will take over the top executive spot from co-founder Sanjiv Sidhu.