Stories by Todd R. Weiss

Xerox warns workers against unauthorized software use

Xerox Corp. last week warned its employees not to install unauthorized software on their computers, after incompatibilities between unspecified hardware and the beta-test version of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP operating system caused network problems at some of its California facilities.

Open-source collaboration Web site shuts down

After spending 20 months trying to use the Internet to bring together corporate IT workers and open-source software developers to collaborate on technology projects, CollabNet Inc. has shut down its SourceXchange online marketplace due to a lack of adequate revenue.

SAP, Computer Associates push enterprise portals

Enterprise software vendors SAP AG and Computer Associates International Inc. Wednesday laid out separate plans for personalized, easy-to-use and all-encompassing portal applications that are aimed at simplifying end-user access to corporate business data and other information.

B2B vendors hit by revenue shortfalls, layoffs

The world of business-to-business software vendors took a heavy punch Monday as Ariba , BroadVision . and i2 Technologies. all disclosed that the softening US economy has transformed their previously optimistic business outlooks into the harsh new reality of revenue shortfalls and layoffs.

UPDATE Bankrupt NorthPoint shuts down DSL network

NorthPoint Communications, which had struggled to stay afloat for the past four months following the collapse of a planned merger deal with Verizon Communications, yesterday announced that its high-speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) network is being shut down because of a lack of funding.

ICANN warns against new domain preregistrations

With seven new Internet top-level domains due to officially become available later this year, some domain name registrars are getting an early start and offering preregistrations to companies. But that practice has risks for users, according to the organization that oversees the domain name system.

Iridium Satellite launches service today

Re-created after a financially dismal attempt at a global satellite communications network in 1998, the new Iridium Satellite LLC today launched its worldwide telecommunications network for industrial users in remote locations.

Author: Linux a Windows alternative by '02

Eric S. Raymond, author of "The Cathedral and the Bazaar," a classic essay on the open-source software movement, has been an open-source innovator and advocate for years. He's a board member of VA Linux Systems Inc. in Fremont, Calif., and lectures around the world about the benefits and future of Linux, Unix and open-source software. Computerworld's Todd R. Weiss recently spoke with Raymond to get his views on the prospects for Linux in the business market.

Linux guru touts OS for business use

Eric S. Raymond is well-known as the author of "The Cathedral and the Bazaar", a classic essay on the open source software movement and has been an open source innovator and advocate for years. He is a board member at VA Linux Systems, and often lectures around the world on the benefits and future of Linux, Unix and open source software. Computerworld talked with Raymond recently and asked him for his thoughts on Linux in today's business market.

Relevance of new data to Amazon dispute uncertain

Does online bookseller Inc. now have the smoking gun it needs to defend itself against a lawsuit filed by arch rival Inc. over alleged infringement of a controversial patent on one-click shopping technology?

Novell to buy consulting firm, get new CEO

n a bid to reposition itself, struggling software vendor Novell Inc. yesterday announced an acquisition of IT services and consulting firm Cambridge Technology Partners Inc. that includes Novell CEO Eric Schmidt giving up his position as the company's top executive.

Start-up makes domain waves

Critics of the glacial pace of domain name creation are worried that the approach taken last week by start-up Inc. will only make the situation worse.