Stories by Todd R. Weiss

Sprint Chairman No Longer Optimistic About Merger Approval

As the government's review of the proposed merger between Sprint Corp. and WorldCom Inc. has taken a decidedly unfavorable turn, Sprint Chairman William T. Esrey said yesterday that he is no longer as optimistic as he once was that the $120 billion deal will be approved.

House Passes Digital Signature Bill

By a huge majority, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill that will allow many electronic signatures to have the same legal standing as paper signatures.

HP, Intel offer free Linux app development kit

Before its next line of high-performance IA-64 processors has even hit the streets, Intel has partnered with Hewlett-Packard to create a free Linux developer's kit to encourage Linux developers to start writing applications for the new generation of chips.

IBM to Start Preloading Linux on Some Laptops

IBM Corp., delving further into the Linux realm, today announced that it will sell some of its popular ThinkPad laptop computers preloaded with the operating system for the first time. "Customers are demanding Linux, and rather than making them wipe off the (standard Windows 98 or 2000) operating system, we're just selling models preloaded with Linux," said spokesman Scott Handy.

Alcatel sues Cisco for patent infringements

France-based telecommunications vendor Alcatel SA on Wednesday announced that it has filed three patent infringement lawsuits against networking giant Cisco Systems, two in the US and the other in the Netherlands.

Financial services firm taps IBM for outsourcing

AXA Financial, a New York-based insurance and financial services firm that manages almost $500 billion in assets, last week said it has signed a 10-year outsourcing and technology services deal valued at about $400 million with IBM's professional services unit.